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JB School Project

Group Project

Year: 2021

IPolitician App - Project overview

Ipolitician is an app meant to serve the new / experienced politician through his political journey. Ipolitician is a guiding system for a politician who wants to keep in touch with the activist public, and wants a one single platform that will combine all his needs, such as direct communication with activists, posting and sharing, and an effective management system for solving issues.

An appetizer for the final outcome...

below I'll walk you through the process that  brought us there.

The Challenge

Politicians who have the ability to gather people, to lead, to influence and initiate complex processes in Israeli society. At the moment politicians are using multi-platforms in order to communicate with their followers and activists and be updated in top agendas. there isn’t any platform that combines project management to all approaches.  The use of different communication platforms is often time consuming  and many requests are left unsolved or getting lost in tons of messages.

man holding app2.png

Ipolitician look to make the contact between all the dots on the political map, and by enabling politicians to communicate and make the arrangements regarding the projects he is promoting- it makes the whole political journey experience much more convenient.

The Solution

Research & Product



What is the pain?

In order to understand the "Needs" and "Pain" points we performed 

some interviews to the target audience (politicians from all level of expertise). We've  asked them about their routine, how to they get updated, how do they communicate, What are their current tools to do their tasks, What us missing in the process.

Interviews main conclusions:

  • Politicians searches in groups on Facebook, for other burning issues.

  • Immediate, continuous and unmediated contact, would like an app that will combine all mediums

  • The ability to know where I was able to help.

Our research had shown that the global political organizations market was expected to grow from $8.88 billion in 2019 to $8.98 billion in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.18%. The market is then expected to recover and reach $11.15 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 7.48%.


How big is the market?


What is the competition
& Business module?

Main competition is “Drove” if they decide to enter the mobile apps world, and "5 CALLS".

How does the app earn money?

Initially funded by a donor, then the app will be paid for by the users (politicians).


Hybrid. Native will be too expensive, and we are interested in social media  with an alert system.



Concentrate all the politician's social activities in one place, according to the Hashtags, and make it possible to receive Hot agendas in real time. Provide guidance and direction.


New to the market, requires massive marketing in favor of penetrating consciousness, with limited funding.


Politics is a hot topic. In light of the extremes occurring in the world, an epidemic and an ecological crisis that have affected the way people communicate and manage their lifestyles, and in the new world that is adapting to innovative means of communication - “iPolitician” is at the right place on the timeline. There are no competitors that provide in one product all the services that the app offers. As this is a new and pioneering app in the field, it has the potential to be a market leader.


If Facebook decides in the future to provide a sub-service to politicians, it will be impossible to compete with it.


The User Journey

Functional flow

In order to understand how to structure the app so the user will navigate easily and have a cohesive journey within we created a diagram of the users behavior.

How will we create an engagement and Retention



  • Search engine screen that includes keywords and topics one chooses to work on.

  • Chat window to communicate with a team.

  • Social media networks in one screen, options to post, comment and share.

  • Top Agenda screen: An alert system that notifies about the hottest public issues (in which the app gives it an advantage over other politicians, in the ability to first identify hot issues to act for them).

  • Tutorials screen: Reading lessons, videos and option to contact tutors directly.

  • Project management system that includes list of team members and progress indication.

UX Process 

Screen Flow

App is structured as a platform where in the homage politicians have all they need: a chat system, a feed that can allow to identify post via hashtags in all platforms, project management and tutorials. all wrapped with the "Guides telling which step a long the way has the politician had got to. the navigation is always present in the footer, and in the homepage we always see top agenda's chosen from hashtags.

screen flow2.png

After creating the functional flow it was easier to "see" the skeleton of the app

  • We could than understand that the "home page" was the way to navigate through the app. all implementation were placed in the footer and the going back from each of them was to the homepage.

  • Each implementation had its own buttons, navigating with in it. where its main screen navigates us back to the home page


Validation via user testing:

 Overall Since the app includes many possibilities the main user testing goal was to make sure the apps navigation along mental structure is understood. several points were discovered and fixed accordingly such as: progress indicator was tweaked to be more understood, all icons in buttons were followed by tittle so it will be more understood. moreover an onboarding was created to make the use more clear.



Looks and animation:

The color palate chosen to the app was a one representing confidence, honesty, leadership and strength, all to better suit to politicians and leaders. In order to make the tutorials more fun, small animations I created was added to reward over maintaining progress along the app.


Field of interest,  onboarding:

There is a possibility to skip that or learn details about the app. A field of interest was made so the app can target its users to the topics they are after.


Homepage & projects 

Homepage always present hot top agenda's to help politician user to remain relevant in his activities

Communication platforms

Since it was a need to combine all in one place platform, chat and feed, much similar to Facebook and WhatsApp was added. via app  (all can be both text and post in all media).



In the tutorial section, politicians can continue to evolve in the political stage, while using, "how to"" articles, videos, mentors and an actual tutorial to become great leaders



Retrospective conclusions

This B2B APP UX Architect was complex since the program was developed in order to supply lots of functions for the politician user. The great challenge was how to conduct a variety of features, however very simple and easy to understand. Our solution was to create a skeleton of the “tutorial” function, that throughout the use of the app will provide a guide to turn to. Also we invested our energy to make sure the navigation was clear enough.

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