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project overview

JB School Project

Year 2021

Easiest Travel App - Project overview

“Easiest Travel” app purpose is to assist in creating a packing list along with a to-do list in order to reduce stress and help get prepared for the upcoming travel. With the app, Registered travelers get the full list of what to pack, what size of suitcase, how many items to include, info regarding the destination and all sorts of considerations the destination requires.

An appetizer for the final outcome...

Below I'll walk you through the process that  brought us there.

The Challenge

Some people get stressed when they need to pack for a travel away from home. They use multiple different lists in order to fulfil tasks and need a push to start. Lists get lost, They are not joined together.

  • creating a truly friendly app, easy to navigate

  • reward after sign in - the users can edit save, add to favorites, download list, create an additional to-do list, receive an automatically travel compass

woman holding app2.png
The Solution

  • “Easiest Travel” app will provide lists that can be marked "v" when completed. 

  • The app will send notifications to: Confirm flight Get vaccinations if needed (schedule option via app) Pre-order Duty free/ seats/ tickets to restaurants or activities in trip destination 

  • The app also provides interesting info regarding location and a pack compass to the packing state.





What is the pain?

In order to understand the "Needs" and "Pain" points I performed a research to better understand. Research

was conducted via interviews, online research, competition apps research

These are the main conclusions:

  • More women tends to stress over packing

  • Its stressful to pack. Tend to  forget items

  • Creating different lists can be massy. Make people postpone the process

  • Its fun to get info regarding to the travel
    location. All in 1 place

The market size is big and we do have several competitions. In order to get established we need to be most accurate to passengers needs and focus on the user friendly experience.


How big is the market?


What is the competition
& Business module?

There are several apps trying to assist packing. they are all great but usually holds just ONE implementation, or cost monthly subscription fee,   Easiest Travel gibe all possibilities in a single app.

competition is:

- "Packteo"

- "One Bag"

- "Packer"

- "Hack Pack"

- "Travel checklist"

How does the app earn money?

At the moment, the usage in the “Easiest Travel” app is free to customers. By collecting data, we'll provide tourism destination industries clients general data, so  specific ads will be presented to them to best match their needs.

When we get to the point of developing the app to “B2B”,  businesses that wish to use our platform as a “marketing space” will have to pay a monthly fee of subscription. 


This app will be a Hybrid app.



friendly navigation to ease the stress. Possibility to get info regarding the travel and alter pack list accordingly. Receive a basic template of pack list (from  categories and travel info entered by user)


There are big competition apps that do similar functions. We need to stand out in our navigation, retention and suggest rewards throughout the process. Also, we are limited in our starters funding so we can not compete at this point in the marketing of our competitors.


People love traveling but hate all bureaucracy and packing. Now - after the world adjusted to the epidemic life changing way, we notice a strong desire to travel in the world. Now it's our opportunity to enter the market and offer a better app to supply the needs of our target audience.


Current well established apps can alter their UX process, and better their design. we will have to update our solutions (agile) to keep being relevant.



The User Journey

Functional flow

Easy, identify needs, get the easiest way for the reward and maintain the "hook"

How will we create an engagement and Retention


  • Start plan

  • Fill info

  • Analyze db

  • Basic list

  • Push notification

  • Register to save info

  • Add items

  • Edit list

  • To do list

  • Add to favorites

  • Travel compass

  • Summary pack travel

  • Destination info articles

UX Process


Screen flow

App is friendly, taking the user hand by hand and guiding how to proceed. In order to reduce stress and increase the fun in the process. Providing more info, that on the agile mood will update notifications regarding the travel will keep the user in the app

easiest travel_journey.png

After creating the functional flow it was easier to "see" the skeleton of the app

  • We can see that the "Homepage" will look differently before and after signing up to the app.

  • Process of making the list is similar to a pizza order, only at the final list we get to have an access to the fun parts :-) 


Validation via user testing:

 Overall this phase is an ongoing phase. The user testing phase was conducted throughout the skeleton process to tighten the navigation flow. The users were mostly female, as they are the targeted audience. Along the process came up several issues that were not entirely clear. In order to achieve the goal of creating a truly friendly app, easy to navigate all issues were fixed.




Looks and animation:

In the easiest travel app the design and the skeleton was altered in a harmony to one another. User testing that was conducted had changed both skeleton and design so this stage is a consistent development change. Not only regarding user testing but also according to “Swot” to stage relevant in the app market.  UI designs were tested until the current design was decided to be the final one.


Home page  & onboarding:

There is a possibility to skip that or learn details about the app

on bording.png

List making process:

Users fill in info about travel and activity/ The system analyze data regarding that info

Actual list and more...

When list is ready, it can be edited, uploaded, discover interesting data about location and get a travel process preparation compass to know where we stand


Home page before & after:

Once user sign up the homepage will transform and all former and current travels will automatically be saved and presented, so easy to navigate



Retrospective conclusions

People love to travel but get stressed when packing so a “B2C” app as “Easiest pack” is needed, However since its competing with “big sharks” it needs to keep evolving to stay relevant. The great challenge here was to make navigation as clear as possible, to increase the trigger and rewards after the sign in procedure and do several user testing to make sure I give the best solutions to the app to stand out in the market.


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